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Operation Front Lines – We Love Our Heroes

Always On.
Always There.

Our Mission

We will provide letters/drawings from your children to our front-line heroes to show our gratitude.

What to Submit

Letters/drawings created by your children, showing gratitude for the work our front-line heroes are doing.
Specific requirements
are below.


Operation Front Lines will roll out the offerings in phases. For example, we are going to start with hospital-based RN’s.
We have 5 phases.
Please see our
Phases page.

Currently In:

Hospital RN’s

We will deliver the submissions to hospital RN’s that are working the front-lines. The hope is to have enough submissions, so all RN’s receive a letter or drawing from a child.
We have 5 proposed phases. More specifics at, Phases page.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • We consulted with many Hospitals. Please follow the guidelines below.
    • Letters and/or Drawings ONLY!
    • Submissions cannot be larger than 8.5 x 11
      • Digital submissions on white paper only. No colored papers
    • No Envelopes. We must be able to see what is submitted.
    • No packages, food, stuffed animals, balloons, flowers (real of fake)

Submission will be Quarantined

All submissions will be quarantined for 5 days (120 hours).

Drop Off Locations and Times

Hard Copy Drop – See below

Currently we only have one location.
Intersection of Deer Valley Road and Kanaka Valley Road – Rescue, CA 95672

April 15th 3pm – 4pm

Up Comming
April 18th Time/Location TBA
April 19th Time/Location TBA
MORE DATES and TIMES will be posted. Click below to submit a suggestion and get notifified.

Submit Drop Off Suggestion

Get Notifications when additional drop off locations and times are added